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Sivin at the Side

I’m blogging from the church PC right now… the picture above I think was taken last year.

My mind has been a little too preoccupied with thoughts, reflections and controversy the past week. My frustration is always when our energies tend to focus on the extremes of a particular subject and not working towards the more common ground.

Controversy is good for selling newspapers but not for building friendships or carving out ways forward.

Scanning through the opening pages of the Life of the Beloved was refreshing this afternoon. I read the book years ago in seminary, but I think it’s even more relevant today as I spend some time with young adults who probably feel the same way with “Fred” who’s in the book.

Catching up from the pilot episode for Star Trek: the Next Generation has been pretty fun. I only managed to catch it sporadically some years back. It’s nice to follow it properly. I’m still in season one … six more to go!

There’s so much to do … so much on our plates … prioritizing requires time and stillness of heart.

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