Random Thoughts before a pretty interesting weekend


Sometimes we may feel we are small, until someone notices us and gives us some attention.

The rhythm of blogging is re-emerging … the lack of blogging can signify more is happening outside the notebook or I really don’t have anything to say.

But then, again … my “reflection” mode is my default mode.  So, it’s more of it maybe a sign I have not set aside space to allow these random thoughts and muddled feelings to settle.  Perhaps after that, more refined thinking can appear.  For now, it’s random thoughts.

Today, need to do 2 devotions for the upcoming church camp.  Must finalize my weekend sermon.  De-clutter as much as I can.  Oh yes!  I just remembered .. minutes, yes, minutes for an upcoming meeting.  And yeah! I will no longer be the secretary for the District.  I need to stop wearing hats that other people can wear.

The next couple of days and one week is crucial to put down in writing much that has been floating between my ears.

Discovered  a new found joy of actually typing in my thoughts before mind mapping.  Strange.  But will try.  It’s better in terms of documentation.  Looks like I’m evolving again.  Must put down more for communication sake what is intuitive for me.

Had sudden urges for upgrading technologically … but resisted the temptation.  The battle in the mind is great.

Glad to do this random thought post.  More later.

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