Random Thoughts after the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-Together

Bangsa Malaysia Sunset

I was there … and it was good … it was necessary.

Haris has given a quick recap here: Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-together : The Real Thing.

I must confess I almost didn’t make it. But the “humble powers of the committee” allowed me to sneak in at the last moment.

There were many thoughts in my mind during the event. And I’m still trying to let them settle down.

A number of bloggers have already blogged away. Somehow, I’m trying to get the music right before I put more refined reflections down. Then again, I decided this random thought exercise will get some brain juices bubbling.

Toyed with with the following blog post titles Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-Together (1) First Impressions, (2) Second Thoughts, (3) Third ways … ? We’ll see whether those posts will emerge from tomorrow onwards. I’m wondering why I’m finding it harder to blog …

Okay .. part of the reason was when I came back on Saturday … I was totally zonked out after a pretty full day. Then on Sunday, apart from the usually church stuff, I attended another church anniversary and dinner so then it’s double zonked.

By the time, I woke up this morning I’m still trying to recuperate and sort out transport arrangements since I had a pre-planned district meeting tonight. There were some gaps here and there. But, I didn’t want to just blurt out stuff. Because I felt some of what was inside me were and are precious. At least, I did manage to resize my pictures and get to read some of what others have already said.

For now, this is kind of a preliminary get ready post. Before my attempts in a simple blog trilogy which I hope won’t remain just in my head. There’s surely some stirrings in my heart. It’s a good thing I managed to mind map as much as I could especially during the excellent forum at 5pm onwards. Anything after that was sheer bonus.

I do regret not staying until the “candle light” moment and the “closing”. I had to return earlier because of my Sunday responsibilities.

We need space like this … while sometimes our conversations, ideas and “experiments in truth” (as BangMalaysia puts it quoting Gandhi) don’t come out neat and tidy, it’s a necessary start for many of us. It’s perhaps a little too easy to feel intimidated after hearing those who have stories to tell and thought out positions they articulate so eloquently. But, these “experiments in truth” needs us to join in as well to really “own” the whole process.

So sometimes, we mumble our way through.

And yet, there is still a need for clarity … at least, an ongoing process towards that. And this is where we need to give each other some space. I strongly believe we would give that space to one another when we see each other as family (or at least friends). This is an important place to start. But of course, this won’t be the end. This environment of “home” gives us security to explore beyond our “horizons”.

Looks like my random thought exercise is getting my engine started. Then again it could be the coffee I just had an hour ago kicking in slowly 🙂

So, before the more organized posts which should be comin. I’ll just end here by saying thanks Haris and all those in the “committee” who made it happen . A word of thanks to whoever paid for whatever as well – things like this cost money I presume. The big curry puff was REALLY good … but the event was more than that … much more.

I think I’m getting into a more patriotic “Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka” mood as the clock clicks towards Friday.

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