Random Links 172

“Thinking it over…”

Interesting titles here …

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#16 Why a Faith Basis for Human Rights Matters download or read online

#15 My God – Your God – Our God? Christians, Muslims and God download or read online

 The Dark Night of Mother Teresa

Facinating since this was written in 2003.

“The dark night of Mother Teresa presents us with an even greater interpretive challenge than her visions and locutions. It means that the missionary foundress who called herself “God’s pencil” was not the God-intoxicated saint many of us had assumed her to be.”

Pastor Hinn in Nigerian money row

It’s funny because just a couple of weeks ago a young man told me how much he admired Benny’s preaching.

 LWF Youth Blog

I think it’s more of a young adult attempt. The Tag cloud caught my attention on what is main topics of interest.

 The Porn Myth

For mature readers only …

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