Random Thoughts on Monday evening

Elysia in Ikano

Elysia gave me this funny little grin .. whenever she could escape my grasp … and run free … and she sure enjoys running free.

This makes the security measures for a father more complicated. I need to be alert because … whoosh! There she goes …

As parents, May Chin and I continue to wrestle with parenting, boundaries, freedom and all that. At times, we think we’ve got it. A lot of times, we put out hands on our head in despair. It’s still a roller coaster ride.

It’s 11:04pm now. Nice to have some solitude. I’ve been very blessed by my slow reading of two books on “Liberation Theology”. While I was driving today, I managed to spend some time asking questions about or own context here in Malaysia .. a number of words kept surfacing … the word “fragmentation” kept on re-emerging.

We had some fun while driving back Gareth, Elysia and me … we were singing the theme of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Well not really singing but trying to imitate the theme music. There was a lot of laughter in the car. Made the whole journey flash by quicker.

Decided not to link in this post … it’s random thoughts for goodness sake, not random links. 🙂

Had a pretty good nap today. I’m glad I decided not to walk around in some mall or bookstore.

Every time I go Mum’s place to pick Elysia, I’m reconnecting back to my roots. The little shop house we have now … and how the environment has changed makes me wonder about why I see life a certain way.

Some of us have so many options, or we have had many options … many of us are simply paralyzed by the options before us … until there is inaction.

The more educated we are, we should be more intelligent. And many of us are pretty smart, but immature. The immaturity is what would destroy us .. it surely immobilizes us.

Words, words, words … meaning, meaning, meaning … inconsistency .. meaningless

Language … process … time …

Gestures … space …regrets .. reinterpretations … renewal .. redemption…

It’s been a while … these random thoughts good for freeing the mind … random feelings would need some unloading too …

Explored using a hermeneutical cycle since last Monday. It’s been good. Very good …

Feel – Think – self – others – God – Do …

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