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 How To Live Local: Creating Your Two Mile Map

If the weather is cooler here, I might actually try this … but the idea is what’s worth thinking through and adapting here.

The Pathologisation of Muslims in Europe

 This reminded me of my last visit to Germany and spending one night at a “youth camp” and later having a chance to talk with some university students.

Why Preach Sermons Based on a Catechism?

I  might do this next year 2008!

Earthquake Struck Indonesia Again!

From a letter:

“Many houses in the coastal area have been destroyed and some damaged including some schools, churches and mosques. Some roads and bridges in Sikakap can no longer be used. The harbour was destroyed in Sikakap and residents fled for higher ground. People need tent, medicine, electricity (lighting), blanket and food.

Almost 50% of government buildings were destroyed in Tuapejat and some residents home were also badly damaged. The people here fled about 4 kms from the coast to higher ground. The government had provided tents and limited food.

Some houses and school buildings (elementary, junior and senior high schools buildings) in South Siberut were also destroyed and all residents fled from the area. Tents, lighting, food and medicine are very much in need in Mentawai but government provision were delayed due to bad weather conditions. Supports from army, navy, air-force are now to be expected.”

How to Sort Through Which Movies are Worth Seeing

I need to start catching up with movies ..

The Last Stand of Rowan Williams

These are trying times to be a leader … then again when was it easy?

The Relationship of the OT to the NT according to John Chrysostom

Good food since I missed lunch …

“Chrysostom is putting his finger on some important Christian guidelines for properly reading the OT, namely that it must be seen in the light of its sequel, but it must not be confused with that sequel. The OT is not the NT in advance and the conditions, terms of discussion, theological rubrics and ethical categories are all preparatory, sketchy so to speak, not final, full, or completely revealing. The ‘shadows’ or ‘sketches’ are true as far as they go, but they must not be confused with the full bodied portraits of Christ, the Christian life, the nature of reality, the ultimate and full character of what God demands of those saved by grace and so on.”

 Churches that Talk Too Much The law of two feet verses the law of one mouth … fascinating.  Of course, some of us is the law of Big mouth but that’s another story ๐Ÿ™‚ :

“Feedback from my experiment with churching has suggested, “We converse too much.” Conversation in church is foreign to those familiar with church. I’ve also had my share of people frustrated with my conversational style of leadership. It’s not structured, rigid, corporate, obvious, dominant, nor limiting enough. I’ve had to encourage those familiar with churching to approach any sort of time together differently.

Inside the church, the preference for non-conversational, non-participative, low involvement activity is very much alive and re-enforced by the church sub-culture. The law of two feet – participate or go where you can make a contribution – is sidelined by the law of one mouth – consume as much as you can and then go somewhere else to eat more.”

Henderson makes friends with atheists 

He gets us “off the map” so we can “stay on track”.  check this out (the atheists are not the speakers ๐Ÿ™‚ ):

“This year’s speakers include:

Brian McLaren (interview)
Social-spiritual activist, movement planter, leader in the emerging church

Ruth Padilla Deborst (interview)
Latina activist among the poor, familiar with suffering, influential thinker

Richard Twiss (interview)
Native American leader, activist and artist

Diana Butler Bass
Historian, expert on state of Christianity in America, Futurist

Todd Hunter (interview)
Movement leader, key adviser to young leaders, pastoral theologian

Jim Henderson (interview)
Innovator, change agent and friend of the people formerly known as lost”


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