The Preacher’s Lament


I’m pretty fortunate and don’t often get entangled with what most pastors and preachers need to contend with for whatever reason.  Perhaps God knows he needs to spare me from some of this “stuff”. BLC – the church I pastor – has been very kind with me :-)  And yet, there’s still much in this preacher’s lament which tickles me..

 The Preacher’s Lament
This is what your Pastor really thinks…

• If I express myself on a subject, I’m trying to run things.

If I’m silent, I’m dumb or have lost interest.

If I’m often at my office (preparing sermons or studying), why don’t I get out and learn what’s going on.

• If I’m out when they call, why am I not tending to business, or studying for a sermon.

• If I’m not at home at night, I’m out having a good time.

• If I’m home, I’m neglecting important outside contacts and activities.

• If I don’t agree with people, I’m bullheaded.

• If I do agree, I don’t have any ideas of my own.

• If I don’t do what I’m asked, I’m a poor pastor.

• If I do agree, well, that’s what I’m paid for.

• If I give someone a short answer, I’m “too big for my britches.”

• If I attempt to explain the pros and cons of an issue, I’m a know it all.

• If I’m well dressed, I’m a big shot.

• If I’m not, I’m a poor representative of my office.

• If I’m on the job a short time, I’m inexperienced.

• If I’ve been there a long time, It’s time for a change.

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