Random Thoughts at the Pilgrim Zone (and later in the afternoon!)

Chinese Ink

It’s painful to see friends go through hell …

I wonder where do we hang our faith on. Is it on specific doctrines or teachings or even opinions? or is our faith truly in God, or more specifically in Christ? This will be occupying my mind before this Sunday’s message on “Sola Fide”.

It’s an irony for someone so free-flowing and priding myself for flexibility, I’m seriously wrestling with the importance of proper procedures and even policies. Why is that so? Humans tend to want to bend or even break the rules to suit their own agenda.

I think we underestimate the reality of sin, brokenness and evil these days.

Dealing with the mess in our lives and around our lives requires more focus and discipline than we expect.

* * * *

It’s a hot afternoon out there.

It was quite fun to dig through some boxes to get a hold of Jürgen Moltmann goodies. Looks like some interesting books from Fortress Press will be heading to Glad Sounds. One of the joys of have an insider look into a bookstore is a better understanding of the Christian publishing world. We were laughing on whether anyone will buy some of these books. But then again, good theological books are an acquired taste 🙂

A warm cup of water can be special … I think I need a little bit of a pause right now too.

Sometimes we participate in activities or meetings which are not our top priority but we are in it anyway. One can choose to complain or sulk in silence. Another way might be to find something in the meeting which we can celebrate. Nothing too spectacular … but it can still be special. It’s a worthwhile practices. It changes you … bit by bit.

I realized this morning how I’ve used mainly one side of my body to carry most of the weight from my Notebook… so the switch today to a backpack revealed weaker muscles.

I hear some singing outside of the thinking room (my office) right now …it stopped .. perhaps someone is talking. There’s some sounds of laughter. Oh … another song. I’m going to let it fade in the background. I want some time to pause, breath slowly, and pray.


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