Loving Money More Than People


“The person who loves money more than other people is the cause of some people’s poverty. Their misery is the mark of humanity’s sin – everyone’s sin. This is why it is hopeless to try to get rid of poverty by economic means. We can hope for no modification in the human condition unless we begin believing in God’s love. This is the only possible way to break the dramatic chain of oppression and misery in which we live. “  – Jacques Ellul (Source: Money and Power via inward/outward)

Wow … this is more precious than any supper I’m used to before sleep. I find it fascinating how God’s love is brought into the discussion on money, poverty and economics in the quote above.  So often God’s love is marginalized from what we deem as practical day to day stuff.  It’s reduced to a warm fuzzy feeling when in actual fact it’s the bread and butter of life! I’m challenged tonight not to surrender “God’s love” to mere inward pietistic feel-good-ness. It’s power that can break us out of our self-imposed or self-inflicted prisons because we are unable to relate to money properly.

It’s a long battle … it requires discipline and discernment. Both qualities which are rare these days.

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