Random Thoughts after some onion rings and wedges

Snoopy on the edge

Sometimes I feel like I’m living on the edge more than I want to. It can be exciting especially when it’s at the level of intellectual engagement or imaginative explorations. But it can also demand more energy than one is able to generate in the environment we live and breath in.

It’s sad to “feel” or at least try to put oneself into someone else’s shoes when they are going through “hell”. There’s indeed no way we can totally identify with them. We can try … but that’s all we can do on that level. Apart from prayer … and when I mention prayer a quick qualifier kicks in. It’s not meant to be an escape clause. It’s part of the identifying process with intercession thrown in the mix.

I starting to wonder whether people really want God in their lives, when what I’m hearing sounds more like anything a little bit more “religious” sounding is an inconvenience. Sure, there are abuses, I agree we need to be sensitive to people. But why are we so apologetic? If God is authentically part and parcel and even central to our lives … I believe what comes out through our actions would be genuine rather than fake. But then I’m always wondering… can’t help it. The words hint to severe misunderstandings … or may be just may be that’s really what’s in our hearts. Lord have mercy!

A death. An illness. A rejection. The list goes on. Life is simply full of interruptions.

Suspicion. doubt. distrust. betrayal. manipulation. Can’t help it … we revisit humanity at its worst more than we would like to. “Sin” is serious business. We underestimate its power over us and the systems we are part of.

Grace. I’m looking forward to talk about it on Sunday. Why? It’s a most liberating concept. In fact, it liberates because Grace is not confined to a concept!

It’s rewarding to see new friendships emerge. Others might still have distance. Only when space is created, and then we move into those spaces and become willing participants in the potential of friendships can anything develop. It’s not forced but still inertia won’t help. Movement is unquestionably part of the equation.

“Pause” – when it comes to anger management. That might be a life-saver. A question connected this “pause” with another critical “pause” which has shaped me these years. The “Pause” where I center myself in the presence of God. It’s becoming easier to detect my disorientation when I’ve gone days without the needed “pause”.

Canceling seems to be the norm these days. Keeping a commitment is an exception. We can talk about variables. Last minute stuff. Some legitimate. A lot of it simply because we think we can’t let go. Or we give too much power to others to determine our schedules. But still whatever we say in our analysis (or excuses), when commitments are kept, it makes the days brighter. We give others a sense of security. Nowadays, there’s such a feeling of insecurity all around. Many crave for some sort of stability but few are willing to contribute to it first. So, what are we going to do to break he cycle?

Relationships are fragile. And we have dropped unrealistic triumphalism. But it’s tempting to sound pessimistic and miss the genuine rewards that come with the ongoing journey of growing and nurturing relationships especially in and through marriage. Marriage has been getting too much bad press these days. We need some good news.

These random thoughts are always therapeutic for me. 🙂 especially when it’s free-flowing and uninterrupted. even my breathing is slower …

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