Are you part of the mess?

* Note from me: I suspect this post emerges out of our recent Friends in conversation Gathering. Good to see our conversations on Saturday have some rippling effect. *

Are you part of the mess?

I was at a forum on Saturday, one which talked about “Christianity and Politics”. It was more like an open discussion amongst those who were there but there were some church leaders at national level who were with us. It was quite an eye opener, for me at least, to see many young people who are so aware of the current happenings around our country.

One interesting and provoking discussion point was raised by a former church-mate of mine. He said that he was increasingly ‘frustrated’ dealing with churches which only concentrate on evangelism and nothing else matters. It sparked a verbal attack by a respected figure in the local Christian community. No, he was not attacking my church-mate… he was attacking the churches…
To me… Christians have always been a bunch of hypocrites… particularly those from big mega churches. We claim that God is almighty… that Christians should not be afraid of the devil… but yet, we are afraid of ISA. We claim that God can deliver us from ‘death’, but yet we are afraid of ISA. We said that we stand for the truth… but we would rather sit on lies just to keep our ass-es off ISA.

Christians, just like some politicians… also suffer from foot-in-mouth disease…

For those who are unaware, there has been news going around saying that the current monarchy (i.e. the Agong/Sultans/Rulers) has grown increasingly frustrated about the current administration of this country. Further news suggest that our Agong may come up and ‘do something’ about it. Of course, regular rakyat like us will usually go… “yeah right”… I am one of them.

Those who have been following the local political scene closely will know that this coming Tuesday, 31st October 2007 is quite a significant date. It is the final day of the current Chief Justice (“CJ”) tenure. The govt has been ‘pressuring’ our Agong to approve the extension of the CJ’s tenure to which our Agong has yet to agree. I shall not go into why he refuses to extend the CJ’s tenure… go find out yourself.

To me… if our Agong stands his ground and refuse to extend the CJ’s tenure, then I am somewhat convinced that our Agong means business. And because I think he means business, I will play my part in making a difference and not let the foot-in-mouth disease to eat me up.


Following the recent lawyer’s march from Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister’s Office, another walk has been organised and this time, the walk will be from Dataran Merdeka to the Agong’s palace to hand him a petition to reform the Electoral Commission. The date is 10th November 2007 and the walk starts at 3pm. If the Agong stands his ground and refuse to extend the CJ’s tenure, I will be there.

I shall leave you with a one point which really hit me during the the forum which I attended. It was raised by quite a young fella who was there… he said…

“Those who refuse to do anything because they rather not be a part of the mess… by virtue of not doing anything… IS part of the mess”

Are you part of the mess?

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