Emergent Lunch!

2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation- Session 1, Part 1

Part 2 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation- Session 1

Session 2 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation

Session 2 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation

Session 3 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation

Session 3 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation

Session 3, Part 2 – 2007 Theological, Philosophical Conversation

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from these conversations. If philosophers are able to engage ordinary folk and pastors like John Caputo and Richard Kearney here, then we’re heading somewhere. I was especially appreciative of how Tony fascilated the sessions and the feedback from the floor. There’s stuff here that will stretch you 🙂

Happy Reformation Day – Was John Wesley “Emergent”?

.. to all the Methodist friends I love!

Reformation Sunday: Some Thoughts

Andrew Jones makes an interesting connection between emerging churches to the reformation:

“Here are some thoughts on the Reformation:

1. The Reformers were committed to an ecumenical consensus of unity. They wanted to reform the whole church, not just one break-away segment that became the Protestant Movement. Sectarianism was not the intention.
2. If there is a Babylon the Great today, it is not the Roman Catholic Church. It is probably something closer and dearer to us.
3. If USA and England had as many Czech immigrants as they did German, history would probably show that the Reformation started much earlier and its geographic center was a few hundred miles eastwards of where we currently believe it to be. YES – I am talking about Jan Hus.
4. The Reformation was initiated NOT because of doctrinal purity, as commonly taught, but because of corruption in the use of power and wealth. Doctrinal reform was a bonus, but not the primary motivation.
5. There is reform in the church today because there is corruption in the church today. God still cares about his church. So should we. The way we play with ecclesiastic power and the way we spend the Bride’s finances should concern us all, not just our commitment to a common creed.
6. The emerging church might well be a protest (Don Carson) but it might also be a corrective measure to the excesses and imbalances of the reformation and the Enlightenment.

Let the Reformation continue.”

Scot McKnight on The Whole Gospel

Can’t remember whether I posted this up … but then again our problem isn’t ignorance is it? it’s forgetfulness!

Voices of Hope, Letters from Friends

an English speaking Malaysian Christian –> Alwyn Lau looking at a predominantly USA book … that’s ok .. in a globalized world this is a reality we live with .. but the realities doesn’t need to be trapped in one particular context 🙂

Christology and Emerging Church
Christology (2)

Maggi helps us by posing us with a question:

“The accusation has been levelled from time to time against various figures in the Emerging Church that they have an inadequate Christology – that all this incarnational talk makes Jesus human, but not divine. Are Emerging Church Christians really the Arians of the 21st century?”

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