Random Links 193 (Bersih Malaysia “Resurrection” Edition)

Seems the buzz on the net continues … so I will too … 🙂 To friends outside of Malaysia … currently local domestic issues dominate my mind and heart whether it’s “Bersih” or “Baby” … please keep us in prayer.  To friends inside of Malaysia, we can no longer be ignorant or blind – minimal awareness is a must, but more than awareness is better.

A Wake-Up Call for the Government: Malaysians Want Their Country Back

Breakfast for thought …

“Yet ironically elements in the Malaysian government – the very same elements that ostensibly supported the recent pro-democracy campaign in Burma – were at the forefront of demonising their fellow citizens and doing their utmost to prevent the demonstration in Kuala Lumpur from taking place. Leaders of the ruling UMNO party issues a continuous stream of warnings to the general public, warning them not to take to the streets. UMNO leaders and members who were willing to join in the rallies calling for democratic reform in Burma were suddenly taking the opposite side when the very same demands were being articulated in Malaysia by their fellow Malaysians. Malaysians were told that they would be arrested if they attended the rally; that the demonstrators were a nuisance and a security threat; that the demonstration would deter foreign investment into Malaysia. Yet the mind boggles at the logic of such arguments, when it should be clear that what is deterring investment into the country is not public demonstrations but rather mismanagement of the economy, allegations of corruption and abuse of power by the elite instead.

For a nation that has always been cast in a passive light as docile and apathetic, Malaysians defied their own stereotype by coming out in huge numbers and braving the rain from above and the tear gas and batons on the ground. Contrary to the scare-mongering campaign of the government, the rally proved to be ordered and peaceful. What does this say about Malaysia today and where the country is heading?”


Open Letter To Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, PM

I wonder how he would reply this open letter?

A little bit more on the BERSIH rally

Ouch! Ouch!

Indeed, we have all been living in fear and that is very understandable. But what I truly cannot understand is people living in what I call… blind ignorance.”

You Have Been Challenged, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!

I think one of the reasons I’m posting(reading) all these links is that there is so little (almost) nothing in the mainstream media.

BERSIH petition to King – acid test whether it marks the burial of Abdullah’s 4-yr pledge to hear the truth

I noticed again and again … Myanmar or Burma mentioned in the debate.

“It is pathetic to see the official figure for the mammoth peaceful BERSIH gathering grudgingly increase from 4,000, according to the Inspector-General of Police on Saturday, to 10,000 according to Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday, when from all eye-witness, photographic and video accounts, the gathering could be numbered without exaggeration as between 40,000 to 50,000.

If Abdullah can speak in the United Nations to commend the “saffron revolution” of the Burmese monks in Myanmar in September, and Burmese workers in the country could assemble publicly to organize public protests in support of the “saffron revolution”, the least a responsible Prime Minister of Malaysia should do is to acknowledge the legitimacy of the grievances of the mammoth peaceful BERSIH gathering and the exemplary conduct of the 40,000 – 50,000 people who conducted themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner despite unnecessary provocations and excessive force by the police in certain instances – including the uncalled-for firing of tear gas and water cannons – and give serious consideration to the calls for electoral reforms.”

BERSIH takes on Mr Clean

Nice twist in phrasing:

The rakyat is tired. We can’t take it anymore. The time for words is over. It’s time for “Mr Clean” to act before he is himself taken to the cleaners.

But the big question is, what is the Agung going to do with the petition?”

Yellow Dawn

wonderful collection of quotable quotes, let me pick 2 favorites:

“”It was really cool. you look around and you see all these CIVILIANS!
your neighbours, people you pass on the streets daily,
the guy who sells you your morning newspaper,
the uncle from the kopitiam,
your bus driver, your former schoolmates…
all clapping each other on the back
and smiling and congratulating each other
for being there that day. sigh. so nice. i swear to you it was
the most patriotic situation i have ever been in
. ”
Su Ann

“”As a Malaysian, I believe the only thing that was broken today
was my camera lens. Kaput! But who cares. ”

Sheih (After being hit by a chemical laced shower)”

We Know What We Want

Great pictures and I love the favorite parts of the rally bits:

“- i stepped on this guy’s slipper and he almost fell. i was extremely apologetic and kept saying sorry to him over and over, but he turned around, smiled at me and said, “it’s okay, girl, it’s okay. we are on the same side.”

– this man brought his very young son (about maybe 6-8 years old) along with him to the rally. the kid was sitting on his dad’s shoulders and shouting Daulat Tuanku (long live the King)!

– throughout our march to the Palace, the cars that passed by would wind down their window, honk like crazy and roar encouragement at us while giving us the thumbs up. one guy yelled, “you are my heroes!” so inspiring 🙂

– the Unit Amal volunteers from PAS who directed the crowd and traffic were extremely nice and warm that day. as people walked past, they smiled at us and shook our hands and thanked us for being there. so this is a big THANK YOU back, Misters Unit Amal, for being such amazing and selfless people! Malaysia needs you.

– i saw these blond, Caucasian backpacker tourists asking route advice from the Unit Amal people! they weren’t wearing yellow, BUT they were wearing yellow ribbons on their shirts 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you tourists, for caring for our country.

– we walked past Pos Malaysia and there were all these staff gathered outside on the balcony. they cheered us on. we cheered back. they cheered even louder! aiyah why you all never take leave!

– texts from my friends and family and Martian saying how proud they were of me 🙂 thank you guys. wish you all had been there to share the experience with me.

– when the memorandum was accepted by the Agong’s secretary, the crowd cheered and started dispersing. then the Muslims were chanting prayers in unison. it was such a comforting sight to behold.”


We have the same surname in Chinese but spelt differently in English 🙂

The Islamist aftermath Interesting reality check …

Sokongan Solidariti Dari London

Malaysians joining in the UK.

BERSIH in Pixels 4

BERSIH in Pixels 3

BERSIH in Pixels 2

BERSIH in Pixels


Stephen needs top learn how to upload with lower pixels … but I suppose with a poem like the one below (and a guest “moment of fame” post and live “all the 7 posts before this” coverage … Bersih Rally 8 – The day after, we’ll forgive him for that 🙂


“Derasnya arus Sungai Kelang
Deras lagi Gelombang Kuning
Suara Rakyat kini berkumandang
Basah dahi basah kening.
Dari Perlis hingga ke Sabah
Suara Rakyat takkan padam
Biarpun jatuh, biarpun rebah
Menuntut Demokrasi dan Keadilan.
Awas Kerajaan gilakuasa,
Awas Menteri Makan-Rasuah
Hari ini engkau berleluasa
Esok engkau porak peranda”


The Berish site is up and running … with a thank you note:

The BERSIH Steering Committee would like to thank all those who made the People’s Gathering a huge success, especially the endorsing organisations, the security personnel Unit Amal (who did a wonderful job), the Technical Team (who made sure we got to the Istana), volunteers and most of all, the rakyat… without whom this would not have been possible.”

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