Nourished and Refreshed


”Once people feel nourished and refreshed, they cannot help but be kind; just so, the world aches for the generosity of a well-rested people.” – Wayne Muller (via Nourished and Refreshed)

I’m surprised how I enjoyed waking up early today 🙂 Strange because I was reading about rising earlier only yesterday. Perhaps the subconscious was working? Or maybe it’s the “confinement” food I’m eating with May Chin giving me a new surge of energy? Or could it be the mind recognizing the need to conserve energy because I’m now programmed after Ewan’s birth and running around for multiple “new errands” that has forced my physical body to adapt (or evolve?). Whatever it is, I do feel more nourished and refreshed at this particular point. Hopefully, I’d progress to the kindness bit.

I notice “kindness” is rare these days. While working on a project-in-progress for Christmas with the theme of love, I felt drawn to the kindness aspect as I was compiling loads of quotes, and looking for stories. Kindness makes love visible. We can then truly feel it, touch it, taste it!

And the irony is, it’s not about trying harder as the first step. To start, we must rest. Get nourished. Not so much of pampering ourselves or slip into indulgence. But rather, a good refreshing and nourishing rest. When our hearts are restful, then we can spread the “rest” to the rest. 🙂



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