Go Tell it on the Mountain … or in the Mall.

Looks like this Saturday is going to be fun. From the perspective of the Adults, It’s encouraging to read posts like this: Christmas is in the air.

“Yesterday (Dec 2) marked the beginning of Advent season in the Christian tradition — the 40 days before Christmas. This year I am more excited about the approach of Christmas than ever before… maybe partly because I’m singing in my church‘s Christmas choir. And our first presentation is THIS SATURDAY! Eek!

Several people have asked me what we’re singing, so here you go:

  • Go, Tell It On The Mountain (with refrain in Mandarin!)
  • The Angel’s Carol
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful

Erm… we will be performing at The Curve at 5:30pm and 7pm, both this Saturday as well as the next. If you are coming, please please don’t bring any tomatoes or rotten eggs 😛

The great thing about being in the choir has been all the laughter we’ve shared as we try to get things right and blend our voices together. Must really thank Pastor Naomi, our choir mistress, for her patience and tireless coaching.

I’ve enjoyed being part of something bigger, aiming at a common goal. Hmm, a metaphor for the Christian life, lived in community? It makes me realise that I’ve been doing the solo thing for quite awhile. In and out of church, neither here nor there… never really being a part of things. It’s nice to go church and see familiar faces, to smile and greet them and be greeted in return. To feel that “I am not a stranger here”. To watch the children grow up, and have a shared history.

Yes, it’s going to be a joyous Christmas this year. Yay!”


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