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 What is Deep Church? : In Outline

Jason Clark’s outline here makes one deepen their ecclesiology! I’ll pick one ..

7. Solid and Liquid: Deep church is the call for church to stop being about the dogmatic trading of personal preferences, be they the mono/megalithic congregations, or ephemeral dispersed liquid moments of connection. It is the embrace of the church in all its ecclesiological depth.

Deep church is about being missional and outward, whilst being confessional and communal. This pattern of gathering and dispersal, like blood being pumping in and out, is the heart beat of ecclesial life, rather than alternative models of collapsing church into competing activities of post church social justice, or self indulgent aesthetic worship spaces.

A deep church hermeneutical spiral sees creativity of a community gathered in worship, confessing its faith together which leads into action and mission in the wider community, that leads back into confession and worship…”

Sacredise – a superb Christian resource site! Check it out for Christmas and Advent resources! 

Thanks Dion.

Improvise Like a Jazz Musician

This is for my friends who understand jazz and play jazz.  I think I know what improvisation is a little 🙂

Three simple ways for any leader to increase productivity

It’s that that simple but I will try.
The 10 Key Actions That Finally Got Me Out of Debt; or, Why Living Frugally is Only Part of the Solution

I realized down the years debt is a much more serious problem that I expected.

Benedict XVI: spe salvi

This was alluded last night.

Christians and The Golden Compass

I only knew about the book and the author because of the movie. This line was lurking in my mind too ..

“… there is nothing like a good boycott to market a product. Popcorn, anyone?”

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