BLC Kids are ready for the Curve!

We had a pretty good rehearsal today. Tomorrow, the choir and the children are ready for our “gig” at The Curve at 6pm and 7pm (December 8, Saturday).

The day had been hard, busy and disturbing. I felt a sense of relief and in someways healing when I saw how the kids performed with their whole heart (and bodies!). The harmonies of the choir when working right did some amazing stuff.

We’re still not professionals … but I think there’s a good dose of heart and sincerity in this year’s efforts. Imperfect and flawed? Well, we do live in a world where people tend to focus and pick on that. But, Christmas is not about perfection, or grand performances, it’s about the unexpected coming to and through the ordinary. I think we fit in that category 🙂

When all is said and done, to me … I desire to express my love for Christ “truly” (like this Korean song below conveys so well.) And I know while doing that, I have not lived up to my own ideals. But, this season is not about me or even us, it’s about Him. Everything we do, is meant to point there.

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