Random Links 203 (“Back to Malaysia Reality” Edition)

I’ve just completed three days of meetings all relating to church matters but the reality is we are a church in Malaysia and thus what is happening around us constantly hovers over my mind. I’m catching up with the news. The reaction ranges from speechless to “vomiting blood” and everything in between.

Ampun Tuanku, patik-patik petisyen lagi

I’ve been struck by the word and haunted by the word Conscientization since Sunday.

Sanctity of Parliament violated – Mustafa roughed up

Tian Chua Arrested At Malaysian Parliament (full version)

How does one respond after watching these videos?

Haidar to head royal panel on Lingam tape

A friend of mine helped me a little to understand the background of some of the members in the royal panel.

Royal comission ‘a great letdown’

Lots to catch up these days.

“This is outrageous!”, Bar screams over arrest of Edmund Bon

Bar to proceed with action against Datuk Bandar

I confess … this is more than mind boggling! One of these days it would be good to hear the story from Edmund’s mouth.

Wielding the big stick and sweeping issues under the Putrajaya rug

Anil’s questions perhaps is in many people’s minds lately:

“What on earth is the administration of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi trying to do? Doesn’t he know this does not reflect well on him – and on Malaysia?”

Open Letter to Uthayakumar

I bought Gandhi’s autobiography yesterday. RM10 at Popular bookstore.

M for Malaysia

At least not for McDonalds.

Stop, look, listen … please!

Once upon a time I was blind … until I met my friend Palani. I was 14.

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