Random Thoughts after Bak Kut Teh

The Wonder Trio Kits

Time has flown by … Ewan is now more than one month old. Gareth and Elysia adore him. It’s funny, because both of them fight each other but unite in their attention giving to their younger brother.

I feel really good right now, because I managed to sit down and write what I was supposed to write for 2 weeks. It came straight from the heart with minimal editing. I find myself enjoying this process. And I think I should do it more, and also add to it the second and third editing process to fine tune what comes out immediately. At times, what comes out first is good enough for the moment. So be it … Other times, more work needs to be done, and that’s part of writing I suppose. Much to learn in this area.

I had a little fun also playing around with my mobile phone recording function while I was driving to 3nity Design and home. Listening to my own voice, the pauses, intonations and content sprung some thoughts further from what was originally said.

The apartment is REALLY quiet when all the kids are asleep.

I’m glad to start these “random thoughts” posts again. I kind of felt my blogging was slowing down the past weeks as I was “busier”or should I say “more occupied” than usual. Most of the time, when I come home I’d very likely doze off to sleep while putting the kids to sleep 🙂

The cup of wine was good on Saturday night.

Meeting old friends brought back lots of memories. There’s always a part of me which treasures bits and pieces of the “good old days”. And a lot of the recent “new days” too are archived as part of the “good old days” treasure as time progresses.

As we observe not only the physical changes of one another, we also ponder about the changes which has happened since we have last met. None of us are the same, and all of us have stories to tell. And that needs time.

This Christmas has been a little bit more special for me in ways which I’m still recounting. Key words popping up now are children, caroling, the Curve, MPH, Hope Lunch box, giving, conspiracy, focus, concentration, GTD, ZTD, new co-pastor, combined worship, committee meetings (fruitful ones), …. much more on the way.

But there’s something more going on and I haven’t managed to settle down to pin point it yet. Part of these random thoughts is to slowly unload/collect whatever that’s bubbling inside. So far so good … but there’s more.

For now, another look at the picture of our three kids above, brings a smile on my face and a grateful heart as well. All three are my “favorite” I tell them. 🙂

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