Highs and Lows 2007 Part I

And now back to the beginning of 2007 … Overall, it’s been a very full, fulfilling, tragic and eventful year. There was a lot more. … but I decided to just pick whatever that came to mind more vividly.


– Low –

My friend’s reputation was questioned by people who don’t really care for him.

Interacting with church leaders which in my opinion could have taken more risks … but I can understand the difficulties. But then …

Sitting through “vision sharing” which no longer capture my imagination and heart.

– High –

Our first BLC visit to our companion Orang Asli congregation in Batu 20, Cameron Highlands.

Meeting up with old secondary school mates, some whom we’ve lost touch for 20 years.

Meeting and listening to Tim Dearborn again, and joining a last minute dinner too!

Finally, meeting Brian McLaren in person and being part Friends in Conversation 2007 which has generated some ripples which has effects until now. There was extra joy in connecting him with many others. Of course, some of the words he spoke to me personally are treasures which will stay with me for a long time.


– Low –

When I felt totally out of place in a speaking engagement and an environment where I no longer see a future which is beneficial for the next generation. Lord Have mercy ..

Feeling like shit after forgetting a speaking engagement! Enough said here. I really beat myself up on this one!

– High –

Our LiFE Group retreat at Selesa Hillhomes, Bukit Tinggi … good food and lots of laughter. Good break!

May Chin and I had loads of fun because Gareth and Elysia enjoyed their trip to the Eye of Malaysia. We weren’t impressed but seeing them enjoy it was worth it (at least once!)


– Low –

When Gareth got his head clean shaven bald without my permission. I accepted it but it was shocking.

– High –

Gareth going to the Chinese Kindergarten for the first time … I was so proud of him on his first day at school!

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