Highs and Lows 2007 Part IV

Let me try a quick one glancing back through the year on this new year’s day. The process started yesterday, now is a good time to put it all down. And in good Lutheran Law-Gospel fashion, I do it with lows first and then highs 🙂


– Low –

Churches having to take Legal action against the government and the controversies surrounding the renewal of permits for Christian publications, especially on the use of the word “Allah” and Bahasa Malaysia.

A good pastor friend refused to continue in the ordination process because of personal barriers.

– High –

Seeing the BLC children shine as they sang and dances at the Curve. The added bonus is hearing the words we sing as the choir and through the children float into the air hopefully creating a a true “breath of fresh air” for Christmas 🙂

Caroling at MPH Megastore 1 Utama and having a few actually participating with us, quite a number of friendly smiles and a good atmosphere.

Completing the 64 page Advent/Christmas Edition of Mustard Seed (BLC’s Newsletter)

Feeling a genuine climax at a pretty good and meaningful Christmas eve worship gathering at BLC. Good participation, good sharing, good flow and good giving (to the poor).


– Low –

When a friend lost his job.

The negative and irrational reaction to the BERSIH Rally

– High –

The blessed arrival of Ewan in our lives. It was a smooth and quick delivery! And our lives have never been the same since 🙂

Father Jojo Fung S.J. Speaking in BLC which I think is historical for Roman Catholics and Lutherans here in Malaysia!

RoH Malaysia’s Merdeka 2007 meeting!


– Low –

Meeting up with a friend and hearing the reasons for being disconnected from the church community or what he perceives as “Christianity” – or what being a Christian means. This is one of the major lows for me this year.

Watching and walking with a friend going through “hell” … enough said.

– High –

Friends in Conversation hosting Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri and Bro. Goh Keat Peng with a good participation engaging issues around Christian involvement in the socio-political arena.

Preaching through the “Reformation” series in BLC and walking through the Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone and Christ Alone.

Hearing the news that May Chin can have a new work arrangement where she can spend more time with the family and kids.

I just realized that I don’t just want to do a quick run through. I’d split it into 4 quarters with a little bit more comments 🙂 More thoughts flowing in. Leaving 2007 is not a problem, but so often we are hurrying into 2008 without savoring memorable moments and keeping track of down-to-earth realities.

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