Random Links 209

Reading the Bible without Additives in 100 Days

I signed up … and I think Winn has some great articles too 🙂

How to Use Time to Make 2008 the Best Year Ever

Will try this later

Get Organized MonthSM

Good idea.  I told Pastor Naomi and our wonder admin Adeline … let’s make it so.


A Malaysian’s Prayer for the New Year … someone?

Hacking Church: How to attend service 52 weeks in a row

I had to send this to my church email list right? Nice to read encouraging experiences for a change.

“At first, I was motivated by making my attendance “mandatory” and comparing the amount of time I was spending at church to other “lazy” activities I enjoyed. I was able to balance making myself accountable and not feeling pressured to attend. As time progressed and I got more comfortable attending church, the motivation to attend became inherent. I started noticing major improvements in my spiritual life. By attending church every week for 52 weeks, I was able to meet many people, strengthen my faith, improve my personality, become more involved in my community, and most importantly strengthen my relationship with God.”

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