LeRon Shults talking about Fame

I missed a segment on Leron talking about money. But here’s two clips related to fame. So we had quite a journey from Food to Fame during the intense day sessions. I’m glad to read Leron is safe back at Norway. I’d be looking forward to read his reflections soon.

After meeting Leron and listening to him I found reading The Delightful Terror of Reforming Theology with more interest and understanding. Maybe it’s because now I can imagine his voice when I read the words. 🙂

The matrix for theological inquiry was a special bonus because I found some of my own musings resonating with his framework. Plus, the Trinitarian accent throughout our personal conversations and underlying his talks and content was much needed, espeiclaly for someone like me who tends towards a Christ-centered approach and articulation. While I believe this is necessary in our context and is part of my own journey, it was good to let the Trinity take center stage.

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