Random Thoughts on Saturday night


I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Richard Bauckham’s book The Bible in Politics: How to Read the Bible Politically in BLC’s not-yet-organized library. Scanning through it was very rewarding before and after dinner. Imagine my left hand trying to get Ewan to sleep, and my right hand flipping through the pages 🙂

Tomorrow, a special creative non-fiction post related to Christians and politics in Malaysia will emerge in this blog with many thanks to a number of friends. I would have wanted at least one woman’s voice. But since it was a hurry, I landed up all guys. But at least they are men on the ground.

The weather is so HOT! Phew! I praise God for the people who invented the air-con … at least right now. From an environment point of view, I confess it’s a struggle.

I’m surprised how tired I was today … age is catching up. Opps … I need to get my blood check results. Better not wait another year. 😛 Exercise awaits me … Nice to get some encouragement last week.

I noticed the clutter is returning … and I can feel it. It’s leaking out … Need to re-GTD myself again. For now the next action is to do what is next …

Glad the children are all asleep … earlier for a change, They too are pretty tired.

Nothing much right now. Apart from a quiet call to breathe slowly, re-center, pray, and pause …

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