Quick Chinese New Year Favorites

I think I should REALLY be entering Lent by tomorrow. A little delayed but at least consciously re-engaging 🙂 The last two days has been full of Chinese New Year activity at least from the family side. A couple of pleasant visits by friends in the mix. I’ll pick out some quick favorites of some pictures I have on my notebook.

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Gareth with a wonderful rare photo with my dad, and another great shot both taken by my brother John Kit. It’s always a joy to see my parents enjoy their grandchildren.

060 046

Gareth again having a great time with his cousins who came from the UK for a special CNY holiday. Ewan receiving his Ang Pows from his cousin uncle even though he is asleep!


A lovely shot here of May Chin and Elysia.




The amazing grand uncle Jack Soon demonstrating his expert baby carrying technique.





Elysia with her cousin auntie Joyce Soon

(who is actually a little young  and too single to be called auntie 🙂 ).


It was fun this year as both Papa and Elysia went a little more traditional in out CNY outfits 🙂

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