Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief


I’ve got two more chapters to finish for this excellent 160page book, Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian BeliefThis will be the first Archbishop Rowan Williams book I finished reading 🙂 (I’ve managed to read a few articles and speeches here and there)

I don’t have much time to blog about it more … apart from Ewan and I found it so refreshing to have our conversations with the Archbishop while enjoying the fresh winds of Cameron Highlands.  I even told a friend it was like having a revival meeting of some sorts here and there.

I’ll just pick out some phrases and head off out of this wi-fi zone.  We’re going home today.

"Bad Religion is about not trusting God, trying to avoid God or even outwitting him", p.8

"God is, in simple terms, sublimely and eternally happy to be God.", p.13

"God always has the capacity to do something fresh and different, to bring something new out of a situation.", p.16

"It’s a choice that may be helped a bit by intellectual discussion but is seldom, if ever, settled by it.", p. 28

"Faith doesn’t try and give you an alternative theory about the mechanics of the world.", p.37

"This is a complex creation, both coherent and fragile.", p.43

"But a god who is only interested in the ‘acceptable’ bits of our life is going to be a sadly limited God.", p.53

"Prayer often runs ahead of ideas.", p.63

"Jesus … is supremely the one who makes God credible, trustworthy.", p. 65

"Jesus, Mary and Pontius Pilate … those three names map out the territory in which we all live.", p.77

He does an excellent job helping me take a fresh look at the Creeds. Fulfilling indeed.  Reading this book has been a high for me after some sleepless nights with multiple children crying in the night!

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