Random Links 220 ("Election Chill" Edition)


Soo-Inn chips in and gives us some guidance. I like the part where he says … We all can pray and we can vote 🙂 So often, we’re tempted to just choose one or the other…

I have no illusions about the ability of politics to save the nation. The fundamental problem of humankind is sin. And as James Houston, citing Dallas Willard, reminds us, human institutions, “cannot change the human heart. That is why Jesus did not send out his disciples to change governments or even to build churches, but to change hearts.” (Joyful Exiles, Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2006, p.87) The growing political awareness of Christians in Malaysia should never distract us from our ongoing task of preaching the gospel.

However the bible does see civil authority as an institution sanctioned by God to govern the people with justice (Romans 13:1-7). Therefore it is incumbent on Christian citizens in a democracy to participate in the choosing of the people that will make up that authority, to help ensure that those who take office will be people who will govern with justice.

Richard Bauckham roots this aspect of our Christian duty in the work of Christ Himself:
“Because the Kingdom of God … embraces the whole of human life, and because (Jesus) identified in love with human beings whose lives were affected by political structures and policies, his mission impinged on the political along with other dimensions of life.”
(The Bible in Politics, Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1989, p.142)

Few of us may be called to impact the political process directly by joining political parties or by standing for office. But we all can pray (Ephesians 6:10-20; 1 Timothy 2:1-7)). And we can vote.

How do you vote? A Picture Guide for First-timers.

It doesn’t really take that long.

Blogger-politician to take on Khairy

I’ll be watching this particular match closely … 🙂 Chegubard – Badrul Hisham has a cool blog and cool quotes!

Letter to theSun from the Hartalmsm committee

For those who are noticing, whatever’s left of the mainstream media that’s a little bit more critical and worth reading is disappearing. 

50 years of 2/3 majority

He writes persuasively …

So what has 50 years of 2/3 majority given us?

  • The Malaysian Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.
  • The Constitution is amended for matters as trivial as extending the term of office of the Elections Commission officers, simply to avoid facing rejection by the Agung.
  • Because of the overwhelming power available to the Executive, the Legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the Judiciary has been emasculated and corrupted and the powers of the Agung have been clipped.
  • The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling clique.
  • The Elections Commission serves only to ensure that the ruling clique is returned to power.

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