Random Links 225 ("Election Tea" Edition)

Malaysia 12th General Elections Resource Page – Election 2008

Good one stop get it all page … surprised to see my name there 🙂 hehehe

Citizen Nades’ Endorsements

I wonder how big an impact it would make when a candidate gets an endorsement in our context?

PAS’s New Realist Politics?

Another timely piece by Farish Noor …

THAT the leadership of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) has now come out to endorse the People’s Declaration – an initiative by Malaysia’s civil society calling for the reaffirmation of the people’s fundamental political rights – is indicative of the success of the behind-the-scenes lobbying in the lead up to nomination day, and of the cobbling together of a loose opposition coalition for Malaysia’s 12th general election. Even more telling is the fact that PAS has also sidelined some of its more contentious demands for an Islamic state, a factor that has always served to turn non-Muslim voters away from the party.

CPPS Election 2008 Resource Fact sheets

Let’s start with corruption!

Full house at DAP ceramah

Apparently, 5 of my friends were there.  At least 5 … 🙂

Check out the Manifestos of the political parties (thanks to CPPS). 

Of course, if the walk doesn’t move harmony with the talk … then we’ll need to reexamine whether one REALLY means what they say … there will always be a place for genuine disagreement … but that’s part of maturity .. .

Barisan Nasional

Malaysian Chinese Association

Parti Keadilan Rakyat -Malaysian Economic Agenda

Parti Keadilan Rakyat- New Deal

Democratic Action Party

Parti Islam SeMalaysia

We Need A New Opposition Front In Parliament

This was a fun twist.

Vote against arrogance

Let’s hear what this KJ has to say! Strong appeal here:

I would like to appeal to all peace-loving Malaysians who have in the past almost blindly voted for the Government of National Unity, with a promise of continued harmony and peace, to please reconsider and to vote for change. We need to tell the Government of the Day that the voices of ordinary people do count and not just those of their 3000 UMNO members at their General Assembly.

What is the absolute worst that can happen, even if most change-minded people find the courage to try and make a difference? I still do not see more than about 75-80 seats falling to the Opposition. The Barisan Government will continue to rule but without the traditionally arrogant attitude of the past few years. Their keris-wilding antics will stop. The Barisan Rakyat (of the people, for the people and by the people) would have spoken and if the Government does not still take the ordinary people seriously, then and only then, will we ever dream of real change in power for the first time in Malaysia. But, why do we have to wait for that? That can only happen in the next General Election. It is far more positive to give the early signal now and let the Government learn that ordinary people have their own limits and that part of the message of a developed nation is having the option to change the Government. After all, that is part and parcel of evolving into a mature democracy.

Good people of Jerai, do all Malaysians a favour and dump this racist loud-mouth

Too bad I’m not voting in Jerai.  But many are … how do people like this still get nominated? The reality of politics? Hmm…

Poor as churchmouse in shophouse

An issue close to the heart of many of my pastor friends …

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