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I thought we could relax after the election results, and let the political process take it’s course. I suspect many of us did not expect that our emotional involvement would linger on. And I received news from well-meaning friends on how the post-elections ups and downs have affected them. The excitement building to the election was when I saw how many who might be termed as "apathetic" in the past have woken up! Of course, after waking up many have found it hard to detach themselves healthily. So, the following words might be of help … it’s from a wise friend who’s been there, done that, and is still there and doing that which is needed …

"On the emerging political scenarios, overall, my advice to all interested people like ourselves is that unless we are directly involved with the persons concerned, we in civil society should now back off a little and allow the politicians some space to do their initial work first. Comments and instructions from civil society can only go so far (as in helping effect a swing, etc.) but now we need to make way for real politicians to take the agenda further. It isn’t achievable but how I wish we in civil society will agree to a moratorium on publicly giving our opinions and views for about two months (ok even one is still good). It is very hard for politicians who are directly involved to get on with their initial critical work with so much background noise being generated.

Of course civil society will serve as watch dogs but this assumes that the elected representatives must first be allowed to put in a few months of work first  before watch dogs snap at them. We shouldn’t bark at them for every move they make from day one. Obviously we do not want our newly-installed MPs and ADUNs to be so nervous they can’t do anything courageous or creative.

If any of us have influence on civil society movers, I hope we can promote this line of thinking and hope it will take root."

Sometimes, the best thing is to pause and appreciate the sunrise …

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