Happy Day on Holy Saturday!


I asked Gareth what was his "High" today … it was clearly … the BLC outing at TTDI Park this morning! 🙂


The adults had fun too with Uncle Paul teaching the kids about fish 🙂 (or maybe he’s having more fun with the fish?)



163 170

and the other adults enjoying the food (what else from the BLC tribe?)! Of course, we do feed the kids too … 🙂


Of course, there are more exciting activities than eating for the kids …


let’s not forget … a special highlight for today –> happy "grow older and wiser" day Uncle Ian!

032 158

Elysia had fun too … a good in-between relax day for her papa too ..


So did Ewan with his friend Caleb (on the left)!! These two boys were chilling out the whole morning! Being a baby can be stressful these days 🙂

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