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Doing History had been very enriching the past 3 weeks, but it’s Making History and seeing ourselves part of that process which is more exciting.  Connecting the  two dots – the doing and the making of history – and seeing the relation between them helps us to be anchored in daily realities and future possibilities.

I need to re-tweak my "analog" process … after listening to Garr Reynolds excellent presentation on "presentation", it was great to revisit some of the most basic ideas of story and the non-digital aspects of the way one prepares and presents. I no longer see powerpoint slides in the same way after reading his website Presentation Zen. Overall, I like his "zen"-like humble way of sharing his ideas 🙂

Funny how after our more "spiritual" pastors prayer meeting yesterday, the final topic of conversation over lunch was "Malaysian Politics" … I was extra tickled when one of the pastors told me he is more glued to local developments then what’s happening in the world for a change.  This is interesting because my impression of the general public is we tend towards being more aware of what’s happening outside Malaysia, but nothing has been the same after March 8th.

Nice to slow down my breathing a little.  Short breaths is a sign of hurrying.

My mind has been thinking lately of how the church and even pastors are often "used" by even well meaning people.  Especially when a lot of us tend to operate with a "transaction" mindset. The church has "goods" to offer, or pastors are supposed to offer some services, and once that transaction has taken place …well, we can all fill in the blanks.   It’s easy to critique and complain about the church and church leaders nowadays, and I have done my share as well (Lord have mercy!).  But who holds the complainers and critics accountable? What is the alternatives? What are constructive steps after "deconstruction" (note: NOT destruction)?  If we genuinely want to move to new phases or even a new era, why are we stuck in the same old mindset and the old era?

It’s funny how there are those who attempt at some sort of cultural analysis with the view of being more effective in their work or way of life, and so easily miss very human points the moment we tend towards absolutist positions prematurely. However, I applaud the pursuit of knowledge and truths which reflect what is really happening.  Living in an illusion might be nice for a while but in the long run just plain lying to ourselves. After all this socio-cultural-political babble fades, we still ask the "so what?" and "what’s next?" questions.

I think my coffee is finishing and Elysia will sound me very soon … "Papa! it’s time to go to school!"

"Truth" and "Reconciliation" … these are two words hovering in my consciousness lately. I’m part of a movement which needs to play her part in "reconciliation" especially of opposing forces and even people hating each other.  But again and again, reconciliation is cheap if we are denying the truth … and still live with myths, falsehood and lies! Do we have the courage to face the truth about what’s happening before our eyes?  or what is happening inside our most secret chambers where no one is looking?

Talk is REALLY cheap these days.  Intellectual masturbation seems to be the rage in some quarters.  And in the age of the internet, it’s all over the place for all to see. 😛 But the problem is not it’s the public display of it. But when we don’t wrestle with the struggle towards truth and the hard work of reconciliation which surely demands more than just talking and listening (which let’s be fair is an important start), and pursue further a rigorous self-critical or more mutually discerning process, acknowledging the mess is simply not enough.  It’s not a place we want to stay in. Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone has a plan, and few really get our hands dirty and do something about it.

Time to have the last sip of my coffee … the day will fully begin! 🙂

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