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Why I Love the Bible: Beyond distinctions of intellect and spirit, an ever-transforming affair of the heart. (HT: Maggi Dawn)

I haven’t read any thing by Krister Stendahl in depth yet. Tragically, it’s only in his death that I start with this heart-felt honest piece.

So let me share with you as a tribute to the Bible—and perhaps in a strange way—five "no" statements. It is usual when one is describing love to describe it in positive and glowing terms. But my friendship with the Bible gave me the joy, and the courage, to express my love in five statements of "not." The first is the one I have pointed at: It is not primarily about me. Second, it is not always as deep as we think. Third, even Paul isn’t always totally sure. Fourth, don’t be so uptight. And fifth, it is probably not as universal as we think.

My final Spring Harvest diary: Has UK Evangelicalism changed?

Great quote in the beginning …

"Evangelicalism was about changing the world – then we retired and went indoors. We spent most of the twentieth century singing ourselves to death… But we’re finding our way again."
(Steve Chalke at Spring Harvest Minehead 2008 ‘An audience with Steve Chalke’)

Working in Project Space

Lost my GTD touch … need to kick myself!

Presentation Masterclass – Part 1: Introduction

5 Key Questions When Planning Your Presentation (Presentation Masterclass – Part 2)

Discovered a great quote.

Bad storytelling is beginning, muddle, end. (Philip Larkin)

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