Random Thoughts after Toast Bread with Cheese … and Wine (just a little bit)!


Cheese on toast and with a little bit of wine.  These are pleasures indeed.

I recall years ago listening to a message by Bill Hybels on keeping a watch on our RPMs. The last one year has been moving forward much more quickly than I expected. I’m a little surprised I’m not burnt out yet. … but I’m watchful.

The weekend is already full. There are some extras coming up next week before we go on our leader’s retreat in Cameron Highlands which includes a visit to our sister congregation in Batu 20th.  I’m glad there will be a guest speaker next Sunday.  So, I can have a free mind on more administrative matters.

After talking with my associate pastor Naomi, it dawned on me maybe I need to adjust again how I get myself writing for my part-time Master’s program.  Rather than a once a week one day arrangement, maybe I should just accumulate the days into one week and make an intense run for it.  I guess that’s how I operate, a little bit more under pressure, or when I get into a rhythm I’m in the groove.  It’s jump starting that which is a challenge.

I do hope to make it one day to the Maranatha Retreat House.  I think I need some time there.  The arrangement for that is more challenging than before especially with 3 kids and one wife. So, the balance is between family time and personal time.  But so far, it’s been good.  Now towards something better.

I’m thankful I’m not burnt out … while it’s tiring physically and sometimes emotionally.  But a rigid Monday Sabbath has been life-saving. And most of the "stuff" I’m involved in is REALLY rewarding and I believe strongly contributing to good healthy change in the long run for the church as well as for society.  So, when that is clear then I’m not bogged down by the slow or the lack of results in the near future.

Encouragement from like-minded people and friends make a big difference. This is one area which through the years has been a consistent gift I have experienced again and again.  There were down times no doubt, and there were seasons of elation, nowadays it’s simply simple paths I’m walking on … but these companions along the journey both older and younger have been a tremendous blessing.

Conflicts, critics, cautious, chaos … it’s still there … I tend to dodge some, ignore others, re-frame a few, face some head on, … many ways to deal with different situations.  At times, I’m more composed, other times I’m in crisis mode.  All in all … some Cheese and toast with wine helps one go a long way… plus, having a healthy distance with some burning issues helps too.

Well, got into rhythm for some random thoughts tonight.  Until the next one.

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