The Micah Mandate: 1st Responses


4. Beh Sai Kong (05/12/2008 10:16:01)
Encouragement from common people

This is what I like about this website: common people have a voice. There are two or three known writers. But the rest seem to be unknowns. Ordinary citizens having their say with gusto.That I find to be very encouraging indeed.

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3. crescentia (05/08/2008 00:37:28)
finally! and thanks!

thanks for starting this site.

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2. Joebet (05/06/2008 22:04:59)
Being Included

The ecclesial community needs to be always prophetic and so I am happy to note that you all have taken that bold step. I do wish you all the best. However I have a comment to make in regards the composition. We are in a new era of politics and likewise the way the Church also need to be. The need to be inlusive taking into consideration minorities need to be addressed. It is not that a prebumiputra or Indian need to be represented but rather that they need to be included to work alongside for this common objective.

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1. maddy (05/06/2008 19:55:44)

Can’t believe I’m the first for anything, let alone the first to post a comment! <grin> Anyway congratulations on getting this off the ground. Starting is easy though, getting response and discussion going is something else. Hope you guys will have staying power.

I decided to chip in my first comment for the site 🙂

Sivin Kit (05/12/2008 10:55:58)
Ordinary People with Extraordinary Insights

Indeed, we need to hear more voices … voices who may not be Nobel Prize of Pulitzer Prize winners, but are still winners for being those who share their stories, their passion and wisdom with us. Thanks to all writing and thanks to all who are commenting, as well as spreading the word about The Micah Mandate. Like the African proverb says "Together we can go far!

Of course, it’s always great to get some extra encouragement from Brian McLaren here commenting on the way we described this initiative.

"Actual involvement" and the opportunity to "reflect and act" rather than armchair critique? What a concept! When people ask me why I am so hopeful about the future in spite of all the crises we face, I think about people like Sivin who are part of constructive initiatives like the Micah Mandate.

I’m but one of the many people who have made this project work.  And I’d like to give special tribute to the original initiators like Goh Keat Peng, Bob Teoh, Peter Young who’s combined energy can move mountains! Not forgetting Ting Moy Hong who brings a quiet firm presence and input when and where it is much needed.  We also need to remember all the "ordinary" people who contributed their "extraordinary" stories and insights.  These are no armchair critics but people who are there were the action is! 🙂 And we’re invited to somehow be a part of their experiences and reflections.  Amazing isn’t it? … and most rewarding!

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