God-Shaped Life


HUMILITY, HOSPITALITY, and loving-kindness; simplicity and deliberation — all are God-shaped qualities of life. To have all the mind that was in Christ, however, means that these qualities flow from Christ’s holiness and righteousness in us through loving actions toward others.

– Paul Wesley Chilcote
A Life-Shaping Prayer: 52 Meditations in the Wesleyan Spirit

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

Just when you think you have made some progress, then you are brought back down to earth to face the good old reality that we are not there yet.  And it’s a long way to go on learning humility, hospitality, loving-kindness, simplicity and deliberation.

God is not finished with us yet, especially when he’s not only shaping but also sharpening the qualities I mentioned above.

I fell a sleep briefly … it shows how tired I am.  And I’m looking forward deep down for some solitude.  Life has been on fast forward so much more than I expected.Much of it in community with others which has been good but then I hear a quiet invitation to step aside from the fast lane … in order that the good work that has started will be long lasting and in depth.

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