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Pastor’s Wisdom: Alice Shirey

Scot Mcknight has done us younger pastors a wonder service by this series. Thanks.

If I were asked by a young pastor “What should I focus on?” I would say … Focus on life; real life. Pay attention to your life, your questions, your struggles, your failures, your dreams and hopes and desires. Refuse to use hurry as an excuse to live the ‘unexamined life.’ Make time to reflect deeply on your daily experiences, your relationships, your own confusion and struggles, your failures, your growth, your questions, your life with God. Don’t put on airs, or pretend you have some kind of high, holy, lofty, spiritually set-apart life. Live a real, earthy life and don’t be afraid to share it!

Pastor’s Wisdom: John Frye

I agree with Eugene Peterson too, John!

I like the image Eugene H. Peterson uses for pastors: pastors are detectives searching out the slightest evidence of God’s grace in peoples’ lives. I’ve learned that pastors are artists of the soul, not religious scientists.

Living the Prolific Life: A How-to Guide

Sometimes I do wonder how do some people do it …

Robert Schreiter: Constructing Local Theologies

One of the best books on theology I’ve ever read. Here’s my comment on the post.

Schreiter’s book has been one of the most "liberating" books I have ever read on the question on contextualization. His concise and sharp presentation together with his provoking questions gave new language for me to reframe old questions into new ones, and provide a useful framework to do ACTUAL local theologizing rather than just talk ABOUT it.

Punctuality Counts

I think I improved last week. 🙂

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