Random Thoughts after a pretty High time in Ipoh and a Low time upon my return!


Elysia’s welcome really helped cushion the unpleasant experience of an overheated car on the way back from Ipoh! … The story is not over yet … but I wondered… why me?  why now? 😛


There are many sides to our children.  And Gareth showed a very compassionate side to his already frustrated and stressed out father (I mean me!:-))…. who had a surprisingly better than expected good time in Ipoh and would wish to return at some point to continue the ministry of encouragement.  It’s just one of those reality knocks which spoiled the celebrative mood a little.


Ewan’s welcome was fantastic .. May Chin was extra helpful when needed.  I think my camera’s lens needs some cleaning.  My own metaphorical lens too.  But that’s another issue to deal with in due time.  For now, I’m just thankful for this 1 wife and 3 kids in my life. 🙂

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