The Micah Mandate: Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day everyone … my prayer is those of us fathers who tend to be missing from home for whatever reason or excuse will make some changes to "be present" more often.  Having said that, we must still give the due appreciation to fathers who often express their love in ways which tend to be more concrete than dramatic. The Micah Mandate turns to the more personal side of things after the more public concerns.

Fathers’ Day

A tribute to my Dad By P. Sakthivel
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When I was working, you made sure I was home
Picking me up from the university
Where at times I worked late hours
Knowing well how much I meant to you

My father, my hero By YU MING
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I can’t count the numerous times my father has come to my rescue. Once, in my teens, a boyfriend’s motorbike would not start. So I called home, woke my father up and he drove all the way to pick us up. It might have been embarrassing for the boy but he came to experience more heroic acts from my father and now has great respect for him too.

He is a great handyman. So any time a gadget stops functioning, I take it to him and he doesn’t mind spending a whole afternoon trying to fix it. He runs errands for me without complaining and drives me to the bank because he knows finding a parking spot is not easy.

My Father, The Letter Writer By Bob Teoh
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Father is a man of few words, especially to his four children. But Pa is a good letter writer. We lived in those days when there were no mobile phones, emails, or Skype. So he wrote to all of us. And we to him. He would always begin with “My Dear… ” and end with “Yours lovingly…”

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