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ALL-WISE GOD, you have called me here. Sometimes I question that call. All I ask is that I have the mind of Christ, who emptied himself of personal gain and was obedient to death. Let me die to my ego and in dying to my fantasies accept the reality of where I am. Amen.

– Richard Morgan
Settling In: My First Year in a Retirement Community

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

Just when you think that you have arrived at some point, you pause and wonder what’s already coming up around the corner. After getting some needed answers, then new questions arise.  One’s faith grows and matures only to be tested by greater challenges. Fresh insights on life, faith and God are hit with a dose of reality of human sinfulness, evil and chaos.  It’s Ego-bruising and Ego-shaping all in one.

I’m not ready to give up the idea of needing "ideals".  But "fantasies", that’s a different story. Sometime, I wonder whether growing up and growing older is walking the path of "dying fantasies".  Reality is hard to swallow, but it’s a bitter sweet pill one need.  And yet, how does one not become so jaded until there is no more freshness or ideals?  How do we guard against losing our ability to imagine – which includes a healthy level of fantasizing, right?

Having the mind of Christ is indeed a timely reminder.  Emptying ourselves of personal gain and learning obedience is one long journey where we might not REALLY want to be in.  And yet, it’s also the path of true wisdom which we ultimately seek after.

As for "questioning" that call … the call to be where we are right here and right now. It’s never ending … the questioning is part of the QUEST towards being closer to the ALL-WISE GOD.  It can be a lonely path … but we might still find some fellow pilgrims.  On the outside, we might look like a bunch of fools walking the path of the few. But then, this is where we are called to be … right here and right now.

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