The Micah Mandate: Flame on!

The latest edition of the Micah Mandate is getting exciting!

Conversations: BERNARD DOMPOK by Goh Keat Peng
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First things first ….

“What advice will you as a Christian in politics to Christians especially of the younger generations who may be considering entering the political arena?” was my first question to him.

His answer came straightaway without pause or hesitation: “Politics is something you go into knowing that you have to serve. You have a people to represent. There must be a cause for you to go into politics and you must believe in this cause in order to sustain your political involvement.”

MCA ≠ Chinese, Umno ≠ Malays, and etc… by Josh Hong
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Stereotypes are boring ….

Given the decades-old raced-based political arrangements in the country that resulted in conflation between political and ethnic identity, each and every Malaysia seems condemned to live with this unpleasant reality, however much we may dislike it.

Whenever a Chinese Malaysian student fails to be awarded a JPA scholarship despite having scored x number of As, he/she is almost certain to blame a Malay for stealing it from him/her, “because they got Umno mah”.

It is not that I am not sympathetic with the scores of Chinese students who are missed out on public scholarships every year. Quite the contrary, I often feel my blood boiling on hearing the same story year after year.

But what makes me uncomfortable is that many seem to find a Malay scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, and associate the person with Umno. No matter how much we detest the MCA acting as the sole representative of the Chinese in Malaysia, we tend to make the same mistake by first thinking “Melayu tu Umno” and, second, seeing each and every Malay as a beneficiary of the much-abused NEP who thrives “at our expense”.

It is entirely not dissimilar from the distorted view (thanks to Utusan!) of the Chinese and, to a lesser extent, the Indians, that we prosper because we all “had a head start over the Malays”.

Justice and the Law by TK Tan
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Law-abiding does not mean unthinking!

Christians are generally called upon to be law-abiding citizens. And we are called to respect the law of the land, and uphold the authority of the government. Because of this, we rarely question the structures enacted by law through the parliament. We tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the government. However, the domination of the ruling party over parliament since independence, and the complete power that they possess in enacting and amending laws, have given rise to a situation where critical decisions are now legally made at the complete discretion of the executive government, without the need to explain and inform, and without recourse to external examination and redress.

Minister’s experience of public transport after 2 days by Andrew Khoo Chin Hock
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2 Days? try 20 days …  or 20 years! 🙂

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Ask these three questions …. now and not 20 years later! Sobering …

If you could decide, at what age would you like to die?

If you were able to write your own obituary, what would you write?

If you could choose, what would you have written on your gravestone?

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