Random Links 258 ("More on Anwar" Malaysia Edition)

Anwar declares war to ‘save Malaysia’

Guess who is still going to occupy the headlines the next couple of weeks?

Petition Making Its Rounds

Not directly on Anwar but on an issue which we cannot ignore.

Sex scandal could backfire on gov’t: analysts

Poll: Almost everyone thinks Anwar’s innocent

Time will tell … Malaysians have become a skeptical lot. Can’t blame us.

Fitnah: take two

Tian Chua chips in finally.

Saiful Bukhari photographed with Umno VIPs, so what?

A different  take on the side news which has emerged.

Sodo trivia : Did you know…? (1)

It’s about the past as well as present.

Déjà vu for Malaysia’s Anwar?

Perhaps this round we can do better as the Malaysian public.

At this stage it is simply too early to predict how this latest episode in Malaysia’s on-going political drama is going to play itself out. Conspiracy theories abound in Malaysia and the Malaysian public has long since grown accustomed to believing in rumours rather than the mainstream media, for the latter has been all but discredited in the eyes of many. Once again Malaysian society is polarised, and opinions are bound to differ as to what the truth really is and where it lies.

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