Random Links 260 ("Not over Yet" Malaysia Edition)

The rise of left-wing politics in Malaysia

It’s right to have a fresh look at the left … the new "left".

With the death of the ‘old Left’ ala communism and hard socialism and their belief in ‘equality of outcome’, the ‘new Left’ in the form of social democracies have instead rectified this and now champion ‘equality of opportunity’ for all. Following this, they believe that fairness cannot prevail in society if some people are allowed to start much further behind the starting line in life’s race through no fault of their own, such as being born in a poor family or living in rural areas.

Where has all the tsunami money gone?


When the tsunami slammed into our shores, claiming scores of victims, many Malaysians donated generously in cash and in kind. But, four years later, a dozen fisherfolk in Tanjong Bunga, living in a “temporary” longhouse, are still waiting for alternative housing. Where has all the tsunami money gone, they wonder.

Malaysia – an abnormal country

Food for thought …

Although the March 8 general election suffered a historic defeat in losing its hitherto unbroken two-thirds parliamentary majority, it still enjoys a strong 58-seat majority with its 140 MPs against 82 from Pakatan Rakyat.

In other democracies, a ruling coalition with a 58-seat majority in Parliament would be as safe and fit as a fiddle. Why is this not the case in Malaysia?

New hard edge to power struggle

Interesting take here…

In the aftermath of elections in March that resulted in huge losses for the ruling United Malays National Organisation and its coalition partners, the struggle for power in Malaysia has become more vicious and the outcome less certain.

It is drawing rapt attention not only from Malaysia’s politically-engaged masses but also from foreign investors and neighbours fascinated by Malaysia’s curious blend of democracy, pluralism and authoritarianism.

The battle is over who, if anyone, will succeed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is under pressure to quit after the election setback.

But the more mud that is thrown, the more it appears that Abdullah may be the best man for the job after all.

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