The Micah Mandate: Intercession

"History belongs to the Intercessors" – Walter Wink

A question was posed during lunch today, "how shall we pray in times like this?" The first thing that came to my mind was, "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy". In addition to that many will add legs to their prayers in other ways too..  Both are needed.


Pray for the nation by Bob Kee
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Not everyone is called to take up the role of an activist or a politician. The mantle of the prophet is given to few. But one thing we can all do is to intercede and pray for the nation in this uncertain and troubled time. Many of us, irregardless of our faith traditions or lack thereof, are used to praying or at least hoping for peace. I remember that as a kid, before making the choice to embrace the Christian faith, I used to be taught to pray for ?? (peace and tranquility).

As a Christian today, my posit is that peace requires justice. In the chaotic geo-politics of today, a lot of people are clamouring for a just peace. It is not enough to merely impose peace but also to bring it about justly. Martin Shaw of the University of Sussex suggests:

Peace entails justice, indeed, not merely in this sense of criminal responsibility, but in the larger sense of a just political and economic settlement for the people

Who should Malaysians believe anymore by TK Tan
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In the past few weeks, we have the government virtually acknowledging that a grave wrong was done against the top judges of the nation, to the extent that the integrity of the judicial system had been gravely compromised. We have a royal commission concluding that there was indeed abuse of this compromised judiciary through manipulation of the process of judicial appointments. We have a very senior judge claiming that he and other judges have been threatened and influenced in the course of their duties.

We have the Attorney General and the IGP accused of being “involved in fabricating evidence in the infamous 1998 black-eye case.”

We have an elected state representative showing a deeply racist streak by boldly asking a question that insults an entire race during the state assembly proceedings, and a member of parliament making the point in parliament that “all non-Malays were descendants of immigrants to Malaysia.”

Which P. Balasubramaniam you believe will also determine whether you think we now have police and prosecutors suppressing evidence, and a deputy prime minister linked to a murder.

How much more can the nation absorb before the system irretrievably breaks down? Who should Malaysians believe anymore? It was just a title to a news article. But it gave me much pause for thought.

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We say that what our country needs, in order to progress and prosper, is a well-entrenched democracy. A free and fair society and an open democracy are crucial to our long-term peace and stability. It is these that will ultimately promote harmonious living, investor confidence and economic prosperity. In this regard therefore, individuals or groups making or supporting calls for involving the armed forces in the preservation of public order are doing a grave disservice to our country and the economy.

We strongly urge the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi to immediately assure the Malaysian public that the army would not be deployed in civilian matters and take to task those who are causing unnecessary alarm and concern and seemingly conniving in the disruption of peace and normal life in order to fulfill their personal agenda.


It is our responsibility to make a report when we have information about an alleged criminal offense. It was unfortunate that PKR leaders chose to be present when Balasubramaniam made his first Statutory Declaration public, thus politicising the situation. We must always be careful to separate genuine political differences from personal vendettas. The latter should have no place in party politics.

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