Be Gentle


ALMIGHTY GOD, in the midst of the violence of war, help us to be gentle with one another, and ensure that our struggle for righteousness doesn’t become self-righteous. Help us respect one another’s pain, conscience, and our shared humanity. Let those of us who still possess the precious gift of life hold the dead of all wars in our hearts, as you hold them in your eternal care. Amen.

– Jim Melchiorre
Novena in Time of War: Soul-Searching Prayers and Meditations

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

* * *

Walking down the road towards the Hilton brought back some memories I had walking with someone whom I admire greatly for his wisdom, intelligence, spirituality, passion, and humanity.  One of the things I remember most was the conversations we had when we walked the sidewalk of this road one morning.

What I remember most about this "mentor" was his example of being gentle with others and the respect his offers to those whom he’s walking with (or even those whom can be unkind to him). 

I find it hard to be gentle at times.  The frustrations of everyday living can be very … frustrating.  It’s so easy to take it out on someone, especially those close to us. Maybe that’s why we carry within us many regrets.  But the effects of the flares which come out can never be put out. We have to reap it’s consequences. 

Whatever it is … It’s a good reminder … Be gentle!

* * *

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