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Todd Bentley – ‘Boom’ and Bust

Alan, I’m totally with you on this …

… we have come to believe that the supernatural and the miraculous are what make us like Jesus, when the thrust of the New Testament writings suggest that it is the more ordinarily human things – feeding the hungry, providing water for those who are thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the poor, caring for the sick and visiting the imprisoned (Matthew 25:35-36). Unfortunately, such things aren’t getting people in my church excited, or hopping onto planes to catch an outpouring of patience, kindness or self-control. They want the ‘boom’, because it’s exciting, out of the ordinary and beyond the routine of their normal Christian existence.

What I’ve learned the hard way, is that the ‘boom’ and bust doesn’t make us like Jesus. Maturing into Christ-like human beings is a life-long process of the work of the Spirit in and through the ordinariness of life

On asking the right questions

It sounds so simple, and yet so profound … 🙂 quoting Anthony Thiselton …

‘in the belief that we can say that we understand “only when we understand the question to which something is the answer …”‘ (p. 4).

Missional Communities are to Mega-Churches as Monastic Orders were to Cathedrals

Ah .. such wisdom … from Leonardo Boff from David Fitch.

the problem of church does not reside in the counterpoint of institution and community. These poles abide forever. The real problem resides in the manner in which both are lived, the one as well as the other: whether one pole seeks to absorb the other, cripple it, liquidate it, or each respects the other and opens itself to the other in constant willingness to be put to the question. p.7 Ecclesiogenesis

Back to Basics: Capture Your Ideas

These are constant reminders to reboot myself. Waking up early was good today!

15 Tips for Becoming as Patient as Job

I’m revising how to breath slowly now … 🙂

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