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For starters, I’d like to recommend both RPK’s and my friend Ong Kian Meng’s postings worth some needed attention especially for those of us seeking to go beyond partisan interests.


Whose side are you on? by Ong Kian Ming
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We should weigh a number of factors in the process of determining our political support. We should consider the ruling party records on a whole host of issues including economic stewardship, respect for religious freedom and human rights, environmental stewardship, treatment of workers and laborers, crime and safety, integrity and honesty, and so on. We should evaluate the promises of the PM made at a previous election (or of his party) against his actual record. We should consider the performance of our individual MP and state assembly representative over the past years. At the same time, we should weigh the promises of the opposition parties and candidates to see if what they say matches up to what they can do and have done. It is a complicated process which cannot be reduced just to the faith of one candidate versus another.

Zi On’s Story by Steve Oh
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I had felt burdened to write a couple of songs for Zi On whom I had never met. But in the spirit I felt a strong sense of closeness to him because of his commitment to God and struggle to grow in his relationship with his Heavenly Father. Like many young people in their twenties Zi On searched for his purpose in life. Yet he longed not for the success many young and even older people seek but something more substantial. Later, a prayer from his diary which his mother, Cho Tan, sent me enabled me to peer inside Zi On’ s deepest thoughts.

This was Zi On’s Prayer:

Make me a man of substance
Make me a man of courage,
Make me a man of dependability
Make me a man of persistence,
Make me a man of drive
Make me a man of compassion and empathy,
Make me a man of true friendship.

Uncovering The Truth About Rumours by Bob Teoh
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Anwar, Najib and Obama have one thing in common –all three are victims of virulent and malicious rumours. The reason why there’s so much venom against them is because all three share another thing – aspirants of high office.

It’s all in the game by Raja Petra Kamarudin
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Actually, I do not support either Anwar or Mahathir. The personalities are not who I support. I support the issues. And that is what all our readers should do as well: support the issues, not the person. People come and go. People change. People ‘cross over’. How can we support one person and then oppose that person when he or she changes his or her stand. If we support the person, then we should support the person all the way, even when that person crosses over. The fact that we will abandon someone when that person changes his or her stand or crosses over means we do not support him or her as such but only what he or she stands for.

5 Deepening Conversion By Koichi Ohtawa
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We learned that conversion is not just a one time experience after which we just seek to grow in our faith, but rather that it is essential that our conversion gradually deepen and that our trust in and commitment to the Lord deepen accordingly.

With this perspective in mind, we had time alone to unhurriedly reflect on our lives. Naturally our eyes were drawn to the dark places along the way as we traced our life journey. In those places, the depth of our sinfulness was plainly revealed, and in the time of silence provided, we examined each dark place.

Weekly News Monitor: 14th July, 2008
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