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some police personnel suffer from serious skin sensitivity especially when exposed to the Malaysian sun?

That explains why the police squad sent to arrest a person wanted for questioning the other day wore balaclavas carefully covering every inch of their bodies except their eyes which are not threatened by the sun.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. the police views sodomy as by far the most dangerous crime and the most dangerous threat to the country’s security?

That explains why no effort or time at all is spared (not even lunch time) as soon as an allegation is made concerning sodomy the police goes into dazzling action despite the long queue of cases of missing children, violent snatch thefts, murdered foreigners, missing billions of ringgit to misappropriation and corruption.

Let cops decide, so shut up Pak Lah!

We can always depend on the veteran Karpal to turn up the heat.

“It is wrong for the PM to publicly challenge Anwar to disprove the allegation of sodomy against him.
“The PM should hold his peace and not publicly direct and influence police investigation,” he said.

“Hamid Albar should be prepared to face the consequences for defaming Anwar for these statements and innuendos,” he said.
The minister was quoted as saying, “What is (Anwar) afraid of? Give blood sample for the sake of truth,” by New Straits Times yesterday.

Courage will set us free!

Josh makes a nice twist on the title.

The same tactic is employed time and time again, the latest being the high-handedness of the police in arresting Anwar Ibrahim from outside his house two days ago. While many were brave to turn up before the police station in support of the opposition leader, many more were perhaps quietly concerned over the economic implications of the episode.
What economics? I would ask. For the little bourgeois, the Barisan Nasional government has got its priority wrong at a time when challenging externalities call for exceptional leadership.

Why not reveal Saiful’s police report?

This is a question in many people’s mind I guess … It is a good question.

What is Syed Hamid Albar afraid of?

Aliran President P Ramakrishnan poses the question with clarity …

Do they realise that by refusing to release the report, the police are seen as believing Saiful’s side of the story and suspecting Anwar of being guilty? Where is the fairness? Both the accuser and the accused should be treated fairly and justly so that the truth can be laid bare in the interest of justice.

It is three weeks since the police report was made by Saiful. Why is it so difficult to make the report available to Anwar? Anwar has insinuated that both the Inspector-General of Police and the Attorney-General, who have been accused of having manipulated the evidence against Anwar in the past, could be the source and cause for Anwar’s predicament in this instance.

Anwar Ibrahim and the Experience of Defeat

Interesting analysis ….

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