The Micah Mandate: Buzz lagi …

Short spurts … but encouraging.

36. NEO (06/25/2008 21:10:01)

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Cadangan Peter adalah bagus, dan kita tidak payah takut untuk berdoa semedikian!

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35. Beh Sai Kong (06/23/2008 07:34:09)
PETER’S the best

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Absolutely brilliant! Ingenious! Definitely the most provocative part of Micah Mandate.

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34. yapsir (06/23/2008 05:54:43)
Thank you, Mr.Goh

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Thank you, Mr.Goh,
It is from my heart to pray and to see more our brothers and sisters who have avialable themselves to be use by God is the political circle.
Thank you for making effort to place such "conversation "in here.We really may not more time to hold dialouge with each and individual/group.
Hope to see more of these again.
God Bless.
A Pastor
(I am encouraging more pastors "to take look" in here)
To Micah Mandate,Thank You .

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33. Ben (06/22/2008 09:14:58)
We are the salt and light of this world

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I am just hopeful that God in His mercy and grace will not prolong the suffering the poor had to endure in under this callous government. We cannot stand by and look as if this will not affect us and especially since we are called to be the head and not the tail.
Even if we cannot champion the cause, we need to show a strong support for the alleviation of the suffering inflicted by the government mistakes. We need to show we care. How do we do that?

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32. Allen Tan (06/19/2008 09:06:15)
Nothing hidden shall not be exposed

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God in these last days has exposed the foul deeds of BN. No one including the opposition persons, knew about the huge five figure monthly entertainment allowances for ministers and deputies. RM18,00 is a lot of money. The govt should not slash 10% but abolish the whole system.

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