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I decided to play a more active role in the comments, I wonder whether it helps 🙂 I used to leave comments frequently on blogs.  I slowed down lately, though I still have more then 200 blogs on my RSS feeds.

42. Sivin Kit (07/07/2008 16:08:35)
Beyond "Legislation"

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Thank you Rev. Lidis Singkung for helping us see how you are working through the issues surrounding the use of "Allah" in our contexts.
I totally agree with you that "it is far effective to educate Malaysians regarding the use of Allah than legislate its use."
In a conversation with my Muslim friend, he asked about whether there are Christians who want to use the word "Allah" to confuse Muslims. So, I agree with you, that there is a legitimate concern on their part.
Parallel with the court proceedings on this matter, I feel as Christians we need to reexamine how we can relate to our Muslim family members and friends characterized not with a "us/them" kind of hostility but as fellow pilgrims seeking to fear (revere) and love God.
With that as a starting point, i.e. consciously seeking to see the best in the "other" we can then honestly and respectfully talk about our common concerns as well as fears and aspirations as fellow human beings in this country.
Many of us at different levels would need to clearly demonstrate "love" for our fellow Muslim neighbor by engaging in needed conversations without defensiveness but seeking to understand their concerns as well, which apart from the use of the word "Allah" would include issues for example like poverty, the raising, protection and education of our children, the well-being of our neighborhoods, working together for the betterment of our nation, and so on.

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41. Allen Tan (07/02/2008 04:35:22)
Greedy tyrant bothers less about credibility

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Already 50 years, UMNOputeras politicians enjoyed brisk business and pocketed lots of national funds.
They won’t give up. They will betray the credibility of the nation if they could haul in loads of money. One day if the country is bankrupt, they will enjoy the rest of their life in snowy Davos.

40. potts (06/28/2008 10:37:05)

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ISA is just a law. People who misuse it for their own ends are the ones who are evil. As a law it has its usefulness and rationale. The problem is that there are not enough checks and balance to prevent abuse. You can say it is a bad law. But it is not evil.

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39. Sivin Kit (06/27/2008 20:44:58)
The Malays: Their Problems and Future

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Thanks Josh for the lead on Syed Husin Ali’s book. I saw the RM45.00 hardcover book at MPH the other day, and couldn’t resist getting a copy.
The extra push I got to read it came from Azly Rahman’s piece in Malaysiakini Apart from helping me to understand "the Malays", Syed Husin Ali’s narrative and analysis gives some framework to reexamine ourselves too. Even though some of us can’t claim any ethnic purity but we are part and partial of historical processes.

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38. splim (06/27/2008 10:57:14)

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ISA is evil. Period.

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37. Allen Tan (06/27/2008 09:56:25)
Why toe-the-line?

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Why are ministers quiet in cabinet meetings? UMNO is the "taiko" of the coalition, and it did and does not treat other coalition parties as equal partners.
That is why many people were afraid to speak otherwise.
But I can assure you that UMNO has never learnt hitherto. It is still arrogant.
Pak Lah is a soft man who was blindly being advised by someone at the 4th floor. Lim Kit Siang was right to ask him to change his adviser.
Najib is witty. I am afraid when he takes power, there will be much persecution unto many men and women of justice. Never mind, that will make UMNO decline even faster. And by the next election, UMNO and BN will turn oblivion.

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