"Protect and Save the Children" Awareness Talk. August 16, 2008

I just came back from one round of giving flyers in the Bangsar area.  I was deeply encouraged when I passed the flyers to two men at their car, and one of them said, "Hey, what you are doing is really good." I replied, "People tend to forget easily what has happened to the children who have been abducted or abused when it’s not in the papers as much,"  He said, "That’s true, we need to be reminded."

Another person I gave the flyer to on Tuesday, smiled and me and said, "You guys seem to be organizing stuff other churches seldom do." "Oh, I didn’t notice until you mentioned it," I replied, "But why should we duplicate, let’s all play our unique part."

So, this is what we are up to this Saturday August 16, 4.30 – 6.30pm.  We must not forget the children! We can all play our unique part.

Join us … bring someone along … the only cost for now is your time and attention.

(Many thanks to Kevin Thomas from Twentyfivecents for designing the flyers!)



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